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Born Kent, 1978, I am now living and working in Hebden Bridge, I studied at Canterbury Christchurch University where the paintings of Euan Uglow had a profound effect upon my understanding of painting and what a painting could be about. Later I spent a year at the Princes Drawing School, London which taught me, amongst many other important things, that I did not belong in a city! After many painting trips to Dartmoor and the Hebrides I now focus almost exclusively on landscapes, now enjoying the ruggedly beautiful areas of Calderdale and the Yorkshire Coast.

Most of the paintings on this site were all painted outdoors on location. I work in what I think of as the English Post-Cezanne tradition, and although I do not regard my practice as analytical, I aim to paint my sensations as directly as I can without decorative distortions or artful exaggerations.  The apparently simple idea is that the direct use of paint and colour can account for a profound visual experience, deepening and developing that experience through the process. We start from a position of necessary naivity and paint towards a form of realisation. The role of abstraction within the process is one of developing the understanding of what is seen, as well as revealing and clarifying the vision via the unique (and still-evolving) language of painting, but why and how a painting can (hopefully) account so completely for a vision of the world (and sometimes why one would want to try) is still a mystery.

Above all my paintings are about visual enjoyment and the celebration of beauty, although my goal is certainly never to make a “beautiful painting.” We are apparently the only creatures who experience beauty and that we do so is surely deeply significant and at the core of what makes us human. In a too-often tragic and cynical world the words of the poet R.S. Thomas;  “…you can witness the extent of the spectrum and grow rich with looking,” are, for me, more than just a consolation. Seeing is something we still know so little about.


1997 – 2002 – Canterbury Christchurch

2005-06 – The Princes Drawing School

Solo Exhibitions

Order From Chaos (With Helen Clarke) – Northlight, Hebden Bridge

Failing My Way – Northlight, Hebden Bridge

ArtsHub Mirfield – Paintings from the Hebrides

Hebden BridgeTown Hall – New Paintings

Artsmill Gallery – If This Country Were a Sea

Dean Clough Galleries – Intimate Space

Hebden Bridge Festival Gallery – New Paintings

Marlowe Gallery – New Drawings

Group Exhibitions

Winter Exhibition – 108 FineArt, Harrogate

ArtsMill Gallery – Winter Open

Inside Out – La Galleria, London

Lynn PainterStainer Prize, London

Royal Academy Summer Show

Prince’s Drawing School – Group Show

Highgate House – 5 Plus 3

Dean Clough Galleries – Extravaganza

Mall Gallery – Group exhibition

Ferens Art Gallery – Open Exhibition

Rochdale Art Gallery – Open Exhibition

Group Show – Marlowe Centre, Canterbury

Group Show – Keynes Gallery, Canterbury


Princes Drawing School Bursary


Kent Adult Education – 2002-04

Hopwood Hall Rochdale – 2004-05

Harrow Art Centre – 2006-08

City Draw – 2006

Northlight Studios – 2014 – present.

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